How not to address a judge

Well, I've scoured the entire internet this morning and not found anything to report. So here, instead, is a lesson I found in how not to address a judge:



  1. You've scoured the *entire* internet? :-0

    Ah - you must be a chrome user then! ;-)

  2. Nah, I just use one of those new-fangled 56k modems.

  3. hehe... oh, those were the days.

    As Roy said to Moss in an episode of 'the IT Crowd', “Oh do you *remember* the internet at this speed? Up all night and you'd see eight women.”

  4. I remember 56k modems, then 1mb, then 2, then 5, now 15mbps. Virgin offer 50mbps.

    I used to love my spectrum 48k. Used to take 5 to 10 mins to load a game from a cassette, good games about 40kb. How spoilt we are these days. 1st pic of a woman on the internet? Probably when I sent a photo of my ex wife breastfeeding to my ex in laws abroad.

    Don't think they ever forgave me.

    Judge Judy is looking Hot these days.

    I never really understood why judges are allowed to take the p out of you but you aren't out of them.

    I mean, when they start saying things that are wrong and you inform them of that they blow their top. Had a circuit court judge lose it at me coz I told him his summing up was factually incorrect once.

    He lost it - went on about if I had a lawyer they would tell me not to interupt a Judge summing up. Thing is he was talking nonsense.

    I can see why they only like other lawyers, then they can pretend to be clever and suck up to each other as superior. Half the time I never knew what they were on about and most of what they said didn't make sense or was actually wrong or made up to justify their dodgy conclusions anyway.

    I regret not being more like this and less polite. They seem strange and overpaid and disrespectful to me , judges that is.

  5. Yep, I had a 48k Spectrum too.

    That isn't actually Judge Judy.

    Hmm, I doubt that being less polite will do much for your case!

  6. It was sarcasm about Judge Judy.

    I figured the same on the Judges and have given up on them for getting any contact.


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