New Book: How to Bully Litigants in Person, by Edgar Venal

Edgar Venal is proud to announce the publication of his new book, How to Bully Litigants in Person. Subtitled An Essential Handbook for 21st Century Legal Practitioners, the book provides lawyers with all they need to know when dealing with that scourge of the courts: the litigant in person. The book includes chapters on the following essential topics:
  • Blinding them with legal jargon

  • Threatening costs orders

  • Use of aggressive language

  • How to wind them up

  • Avoiding settlement

  • Ensuring they are nervous in court

  • Belittling lay advisers
How to Bully Litigants in Person will soon be available at all good legal booksellers, at the very reasonable price of £499.99.


  1. o - Ignoring them
    o - Looking down nose at them
    o - Making up some laws and references and words to confuse them
    o - Confuse or argue with them

    One thing happened to me with a Barrister, just before going into Judge, he said, "Mr David, your ex wife has brought this post for you that went to the FMH, here you go!"

    Then when I went out to reach out for the letters he snatched them back and went "Nahhhh, ner ner na ner na!" Seriously! That happened. That's what they are paid so much for.

  2. I shall pass your excellent suggestions to Mr Venal, in case he wishes to include them in the second edition.

  3. Also includes advice on how to ignore your conscious, enjoy the suffering of those less fortunate and pander to the right.

  4. Are we talking about Tony Blair now?


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