New paint job

The eagle-eyed reader returning to this blog may spot one or two differences from their last visit. I've taken advantage of the summer lull to finally get around to doing something I've been meaning to do for literally years: update this blog's template. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure about it, so there may be more changes in the coming days...


  1. Hmm... Can't help noticing the Fathers 4 Justice posters in the montage: Free Michael Cox and A Father is for Life, not just Conception.

  2. Well spotted. The montage is made up of images that I collected over the years for the blog. I tried to select a cross-section of subjects, and it seemed appropriate that fathers' rights was one of those.

  3. Nice job - subtle too! :-)

    I think the header is tad more in keeping with the general style of your content.

    But that's always the trouble with experimenting & 'playing'... it's a can of worms and the tendency is to keep on digging... (not sure if I'm mixing my metaphors there, but I think the point holds true!) ;-)

  4. Thanks. Yes, I may have to resist the urge to keep playing with it...

  5. Hmm, I carried that over from the old template, for continuity. It is also used on Family Lore Focus.

  6. I mostly read the blog via Google Reader so it's not often that I visit directly - unless I plan to make a comment or want to access something from the blog archive.

    All I would say therefore is that I find all the adverts way too distracting from the content. Also, as there are so many of them I find that I don't easily distinguish one from another.

    Clearly you need to make the site pay, but I wonder if reducing the quantity of ads / layout of ads might actually increase click-through and consequently revenue?

    Kind regards

  7. Thanks for that. I'll give it some thought.


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