Not to be recommended...

With all this talk of computer games I hope I am not encouraging any lawyers out there to become addicted to them.

That is what happened to Pennsylvania lawyer Matthew J. Eshelman, according to this story in the Texas Lawyer. A report prepared by the Disciplinary Board said that he "reacted to the pressures of practice as well as the pressures of a troubled home life by retreating into a world of computer and video games".

Eshelman claimed that the addiction caused him to "botch" the handling of 17 cases, mostly divorce, bankruptcy and debt collection matters, by dodging his clients' phone calls and delaying work on their cases for months, sometimes missing important deadlines. In one case he admitted suggesting to a divorcing couple who were disgruntled by the long delays in their case that they lie to the judge about their date of separation in order to secure a quicker divorce decree.

Eshelman was suspended from practising law for three years.

Right, now I'm off to complete the next level of Duke Nukem and the Solicitors Regulation Authority...