Summer vacation Q & A

In the absence of any serious family law news upon which I feel moved to comment, I thought I would respond to some of the search queries that have recently found landfall on the shores of Family Lore. As usual, the following is subject to the disclaimer in my sidebar:


Advice: (1) You have caps lock on; (2) You can find the form here.

stripped bare

You are probably looking for a different kind of website. Try here.

why courts favor mothers

They don't. They proceed only upon what is best for the welfare of the child.

How Do You Prove Cohabitation UK?

This can be very difficult, especially if the 'cohabitees' are endeavouring to hide the fact. You could try a private detective, but that can be expensive. Ask yourself (or take advice as to) whether it would actually make any difference to the end result if you can prove cohabitation - often, it does not.

how to behave at a wedding with your parents

I suppose that depends upon how old you are.

fantastic four wives should be kissed not heard

Interesting, but I think that is a statement, rather than a question.

effect of alcoholism on divorce financial settlement

This would come under the heading of 'conduct'. For conduct to have an effect upon the financial settlement it would have to be considerably more serious than the 'usual' 'misconduct' involved in the breakdown of many marriages. On its own, alcoholism would normally have no effect.

mother sent to prison for no contact

It can happen, but it is very rare, and only used as a last resort.

do i need to go to my consent hearing

If the court has fixed a hearing date, then you should attend, unless the court says otherwise. For example, if this is to approve a financial consent order, then the court may wish to ask you questions to ascertain whether the order is reasonable.

form D50K AND guidance

You can find the form here. I don't think that the Ministry of Justice publishes any guidance for it.

family lore blog how to subscribe

See the 'Subscribe' button towards the bottom of the sidebar.

can you get a consent order without getting a degree absolute?

(I think you mean 'decree'.) Yes. In fact, in most cases you do - the order takes effect upon decree absolute. This ensures, for example, that a party does not lose rights to the other's pension when the divorce is finalised. You can't get the order before decree nisi, though.

And finally:

david cameron dickhead

I won't argue with that.