A Warning

It's one of the worst things a mother can do when contesting children proceedings: make false sexual abuse allegations against the father. Victoria Haigh, however, went further: she spread the allegations on the internet. What is more, she did so in breach of court orders.

These matters were disclosed by the High Court yesterday, when Sir Nicholas Wall took the unusual step of naming the parents, so that the father, David Tune, could “tell the world” he was not a paedophile. The child now lives with him under a local authority care plan, and a s.91(14) order has been made against Miss Haigh, preventing her from making any further application in relation to the child for a period of two years, without the leave of the court.

Hopefully, this case will receive much publicity, and will send out a warning to others who are contemplating making such false allegations. (And before anyone points it out, yes, I know that fathers may also make similar false allegations against mothers.)

As The Telegraph points out, Miss Haigh came to public attention after John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP, identified her in Parliament. As part of his campaign against "secret family courts", he used parliamentary privilege in April to say that Doncaster council was looking to imprison her after she spoke at a meeting in the Commons about the family courts. Such are the perils of only listening to one side of any story...