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Cohabitants should have scope for financial redress in the event of a relationship breakdown, warns Law Society

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Re K (A Child): No jurisdiction to require father to vacate family home to faciliate contact

I know I'm a pessimist, but...

Peace Day 2011

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Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council v Watson: Defending the system

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All men are equal

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Law Commission's recommendations for reform of cohabitation law shelved - again

Now THAT'S what I call stalking...

Mansfield v Mansfield: Considering the origin of the family capital (i.e. as compensation for personal injuries)

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Great things to do with Cellophane, #362

Jesus H. Christ, some people don't half take offence easily

New Book: How to Get Your Own Way in Mediation, by Edgar Venal

Textbook History

Two Haigh judgments published: "Be you never so great, the law is still above you"