Christleton Memories

Whilst doing some clearing out over the weekend I came across this - my old student card from the College of Law. OK, not the most exciting of finds, but it did bring back some fond memories of my time at Christleton, the most enjoyable (from an academic point of view) year of my legal studies.

Unlike the dry theory that I had been taught by sometimes incomprehensible lecturers at university, the practical nature of the course was a revelation. Suddenly, everything made sense and there was actually a point in learning this stuff. I did, however, enjoy something of an advantage over most of my fellow students, having spent two years in a solicitors' office prior to attending the College - it was considerably easier to learn, having seen how things worked in practice.

It all nearly ended in disaster, though. I lived with two friends in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. I had to sit my finals at the local King's School, and they attended another site. On the morning of one exam I got into my (decrepit) car and it wouldn't start. Panic rose as I looked up to see my friends heading down the driveway. I leapt out and chased after them (I was a little quicker on my feet in those days) and just caught them in time for them to give me a bump-start.

Having to do a re-sit because my car was clapped-out would not have been a good way to start a legal career...


  1. You were lucky, as they say.I had the misfortune of doing the very last of the six month cram courses there in 1979. This was NOT enjoyable, academically or otherwise.They then changed the structure to something more like the normal academic year, so all you softies had time to eat, breathe, etc.

  2. Yes, I suppose eating and breathing did improve the experience.


  3. can't get called to the bar without eating. not sure the training involves anything else. my memory may have faded - after all, it has been 2 years...


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