Family Lore News Quiz

Welcome to the first Family Lore News Quiz. The quiz will test your knowledge of family law news and cases from the past month. Select one answer for each question, then click 'Done'.

1. Which family QC was appointed to the High Court bench?

a) Charon

b) Philip Moor

c) Rumpole

2. Why did a footballer say he could not pay his child maintenance arrears?

a) Because his club had suspended him

b) Because of the cost of keeping his Ferrari on the road

c) Because his club had been relegated

3. What was the prison sentence that Elizabeth Watson received for contempt?

a) 9 months

b) 3 months

c) One year

4. How many adults are now living together without being married?

One in three

One in ten

One in six

5. How many children under one were adopted in the year ending March 2011?