Guest post: 'On the proliferation of women in the legal profession', by Edgar Venal

When I joined this (then) honourable profession, standards were sufficiently high to ensure that the vast majority of lawyers were men. It was then recognised that the proper place for a woman was at home, doing the housework and looking after the children. True, there were some female lawyers, but they were mostly lesbians, so that doesn't count.

How times have changed. I have it on good authority that female lawyers in this profession include a Supreme Court justice, a High Court judge (and former Chairman of the Family Law Bar Association) and a QC. Quite how these women can do these jobs with their smaller brains and lower IQs, I don't know.

Don't get me wrong. I like women, in their place, such as the kitchen, or the bedroom. They do not, however, belong in the courtroom. I mean, how many judges are impressed by knitting and crochet? None.

Now, however, I can hardly move in a court waiting-room without brushing against a woman lawyer.

How could we have allowed this situation to come to pass? Personally, I think giving women the vote was the thin end of the wedge, and the country has gone downhill ever since. Absurd nonsense such as 'equality' laws accelerated the trend (they hardly did anything for men's equality, did they?).

It's no coincidence that the profession no longer commands the respect it once did. Only a man can understand the complexities of the law, and the general public, stupid as they are, understand this basic fact. That's why we at Venal & Grabbit are proud to say that we do not employ women, save in the menial tasks for which they are qualified, such as secretaries and cleaners.

So, I say: the little woman should stay at home - a man should do a man's job! Only this way can the profession recover its greatness.


  1. Mr Venal, You sound just like the kind of insensitive, chauvinistic, outdated, unlikeable little man that I would be prepared ( if offered sufficient money - yes the language you seem to understand) to offer an internship to in my vast emporium of female workers. There you might finally learn the skills of multi- tasking and empathetic behaviour that make women such successes in the legal world that you appear to covet.

  2. Edgar has asked me to send this reply:

    Dear Judith,

    Thank you for your kind offer, but I already have my own harem.

    In any event, I don't understand this term: "multi-tasking".

    Yours etc.,

    Edgar Venal.

  3. Blimey. Many a true word spoken in jest perhaps.

    The skills men have such as aggresion and bloody-mindedness are overlooked by Judith also.

    I am confused by the on-going war of the sexes. Perhaps we should create a hermaphroditic (if there is such a word) people being created instead of male and female, to stop all this arguing. Which is doing my head in. I would miss the sex though, so probably not. So, on the balance of probabilities probably side with V&G over Judith on this argument.


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