Jesus H. Christ, some people don't half take offence easily

Banning of Phones4U 'miraculous Jesus' ad a chilling ruling for free speech - British Humanist Association News, 7th September 2011


  1. why would i want a phone just because some guy with a beard is winking at me? i presume he plays for chelsea or some such.
    nice top, though. maybe primark could sign him up.

  2. Yeah, I can't say that he would persuade me to buy a phone either.

  3. Overreaction all round.
    The advert wouldn't bother me and I'm surprised at the reaction from some. If anything the figure looks like some sort of generic guru. It's actually a poorly thought out and poorly executed advert, and almost looks like a "Family Guy" parody item.
    On the other hand, banning it is hardly a suppression of "free speech" as I doubt it was meant to say anything[[except, presumably, "Buy This Phone!"].

  4. The BHA article explains the figure, and that the free speech point is about the freedom to mock beliefs.


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