New Book: How to Get Your Own Way in Mediation, by Edgar Venal

As a companion volume to How to Bully Litigants in Person, Edgar Venal is proud to announce the publication of his new book, How to Get Your Own Way in Mediation. Subtitled Another Essential Handbook for 21st Century Legal Practitioners, the book deals with the scenario where efforts to avoid mediation have failed or, more likely, the client has failed to take proper advice upon how to avoid it, or has been ignorant of the need to avoid it. The book includes chapters on the following essential topics:
  • Avoiding full disclosure

  • How to be unreasonable without looking it

  • Digging in your heels

  • Ignoring the mediator

  • How to threaten the other party without the mediator realising

  • When and how to bribe the mediator

  • Denying agreements in court
How to Get Your Own Way in Mediation will soon be available at all good legal booksellers, at the very reasonable price of £499.99.