Sounds reasonable to me...

"A hardcore of parents are trying to avoid paying child maintenance using "ridiculous" excuses - including a footballer earning £4,000 a week who said he could not pay off arrears because of the cost of keeping his Ferrari on the road, a Government report has revealed."

[For the full list of the ten most bizarre excuses for not paying child maintenance, see here.]


  1. Hey John,

    Beautiful car -- it's mine, by the way :<)

    Why bother to own a Ferrari when you don't drive it on a no-speed-limit autostrade? Perhaps judges should factor this point into their decisions when Ferraris are the excuse for non-payment of child support.

    Beautiful new website, too, BTW.

    Sorry I've been such a bum -- busy getting my kids into college and the like...

  2. Yes, I'm sure footballers in fast cars keep religiously to the speed limits.

    Glad you like the new site, but getting your kids into college is no excuse for not visiting every day!



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