Venal & Grabbit announce new service: Racket Lawyer

Venal & Grabbit are today launching a new service. Racket Lawyer is an online subscription legal document assembly service which members of the public can use to create their own legal documents.

"Racket Lawyer is aimed at those poor unfortunates in society who can't afford our full service." Said Senior Partner Edgar Venal. "We don't normally soil our hands with such people, but in these difficult days of cuts in that legal aid thingy, one must do ones bit for the great unwashed.

"For a very reasonable subscription, users will be able to create their own divorce petitions and other documents. We have even added extra 'heretofores' and 'henceforths' to make them look like authentic lawyer-drafted documents.

"We have tried to make Racket Lawyer easy to use, but obviously there will be some plebs who will not be up to the task. Accordingly, if the documents that they create should contain errors, then Venal & Grabbit will, of course, be available to help them remedy those errors, for a modest fee."