Venal & Grabbit Client Satisfaction Questionnaire


(Check one answer for each question)

1. Did we deal with your matter promptly?

Yes, very promptly

2. Were our charges reasonable?

Yes - you should charge more

3. Were you kept informed of progress in your matter?

Yes, every hour of every day

4. Were you satisfied with our advice?

Extremely - my ex's solicitors didn't know what hit them

5. Did we use enough legal jargon in our correspondence?

Yes - I've no idea what you were talking about, but it was impressive

6. Did your matter have a satisfactory outcome?

I'll say - you screwed my ex good and proper

7. How does our service compare to any previous solicitors you have used?

V & G were much better than those idiots

8. Would you recommend Venal & Grabbit to others?

Of course, who else?

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We are most grateful for your answers, all of which will be taken into account when setting next year's charging rates.


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