Alcohol-free homes to reduce domestic violence?

According to this report on ABC News, authorities in Western Australia will soon be able to apply to have any house in the state declared an alcohol-free zone, in an effort to reduce domestic violence. The report doesn't explain how such measures will be enforced, and obviously they would do nothing to stop the consumption of alcohol elsewhere.

A good idea, or another instance of naive posturing by politicians?


  1. It will be interesting to see what, if any, effect this has.

    The correlation between alcohol and domestic violence is often assumed (stands to reason, don't it?) but at least one study found no correlation: Williams JH, Van Dorn RA, Hawkins JD, Abbott R, & Catalano RF, Correlates contributing to involvement in violent behaviors among young adults, Journal of Violence and Victims, 2001

  2. Yes, I have my doubts about it.


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