Family Lore interviews Edgar Venal, following the Family Law Awards 2011

Family Lore has today been privileged to be granted a rare interview with Edgar Venal, Senior Partner at Messrs. Venal & Grabbit. The interview was arranged several weeks ago, and was described by Mr Venal as being "for the purpose of celebrating". Unfortunately, however, we found Mr Venal not to be in the best of moods for some reason...

Family Lore: Good morning, Mr Venal.

Edgar Venal: If you can call it good.

FL: It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to interview you again.

EV: And an honour for you.

FL: Quite. Mr Venal, there has been surprise expressed in some quarters that you attended the inaugural Family Law Awards last night, given that you were not nominated for an award.

EV: I don't see why. I have always supported excellence in family law. Besides, I thought there must have been some mistake, and that I had really been nominated for an award. It needn't have been Family Law Solicitor of the Year - I would have settled for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Family Law, or even ADR Practitioner of the Year, at a pinch.

FL: Were you disappointed when you found that you hadn't been nominated?

EV: Not at all. I will, however, be cancelling my subscription to Jordans Family Law.

FL: So what do you think of the winners?

EV: I... think... they... were... all... very... deserving.

FL: Do you always talk through gritted teeth?

EV: It's an affliction that I occasionally have. In fact, to show no hard feelings I would like to invite all the winners for a very short voyage aboard my luxury yacht, the Titanic.

FL: That's very generous.

EV: Of course it is. Now, perhaps you could vacate my office. Some of us have better things to do than talk about silly awards all day.

FL: Of course. Thank you for the interview.