OK, the Supreme Court is now sitting again, so when are they going to hand down their judgment in Kernott v Jones?

The Michaelmas term has now begun, and the Supreme Court justices have returned suitably refreshed from wherever it is Supreme Court justices spend their summer vacation (not Skegness, I'm guessing). And yet I can find no indication of when they will hand down their judgment in the eagerly-awaited (at least by family lawyers) case of Kernott v Jones.

To recap, the issue to be decided by the Supreme Court, as stated on their website, is:
Whether a court can properly infer an agreement by an unmarried couple, who hold a property in equal shares at the date of their separation, to the effect that thereafter their respective beneficial interests should alter.
Quite an important issue, I think you'll agree, yet it is now almost fifteen months since the appeal was issued, and tomorrow it will be five months since it was heard. Leaving aside family lawyers, surely the parties are now entitled to a decision?

Of course, if I find out anything, I will post it here. Meanwhile, if anyone reading this has any information, do please let me know.


  1. give them a chance - it's a long way for them to row back from 'no consideration of fairness' to 'consideration of fairness'. not just like they can cross out 2 letters.
    it may also be that the great lady is less brazen than the great hoff when it comes to deciding black is (and always has been) in fact white.

    to be fair it is quite a biggie - this day's work must end what the ides of march began (or stack and dowden if you insist).

  2. Yes, it is quite a biggie, but they are appointed to make the big decisions...

  3. I think they were waiting for the government to conclude they were not going to deal with cohabitation reform before issuing judgment and am hoping it comes soon - last I heard a draft was being circulated

  4. I really want to know what's happening here - I am in a similar position to Patricia Jones, and am being threatened with court - it would be so helpful to know whether the outcome of this case will have any impact on how mine may pan out!

  5. Yes, and I suspect there are many others like you. From what I can tell from the Supreme Court website, the judgment is not due to be handed down this week.

    The waiting continues...

  6. thanks - is there any way to find out when it's likely to be made, or any indication of which way it's likely to go? I suspect not, but thought I'd ask...

  7. As I said in the post, if I find out anything, I'll let everyone know.


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