Versatile vestment

I see that the Daily Mail yesterday covered a story that I posted about back in May.

Kevin Cotter from Arizona runs the blog My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress, in which he lists 101 uses he has found for his ex-wife's wedding dress, such as using it as a grill cover, scarecrow clothing and a pasta strainer. Well, it seems the blog has been such a hit that next week it will be published in book form.

Just shows there's no such thing as a bad idea...


  1. Shame on you for reading the daily mail ... (I saw this story in the metro on my commute into work - much more tasteful & high brow!!) :p

    Good on him, I say. I hope the last page didn't explain how he used it to gag his ex while he kidnapped her and then suffocated her to death with it!

  2. Ah, I only read it for purely professional reasons.

    Remarkably, it seems the two of them are still on good terms!


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