The website for Divorced Women who got EVEN!

I don't normally give free publicity to commercial sites but this one caught my eye, for its shameless lack of political correctness. is described as "the official site for divorced women whom [sic] want to brag about what was it they took from the SOB whom [sic] hurt them in the first place." In other words: "It was his before, it is mine now!!"

The site includes a forum, where you can: "Share pictures of what you have taken from him (family car, the house, the dog, his flat screen!!!… anything you wish", and: "Get advice from others on how to take what you deserve, or even more than what you deserve!"

Sounds good to me.

If that's not enough, you can visit the store, where you can purchase such items as 'Waz His' panties ("so that what was it that Waz His before and its not his anymore!"), a 'Wazhis Bottle Sleeve' ("Keep your beer cold and keep him fuming!") and a 'Wazhis license Plate' ("Mount it on your car and rub it in!!!").

Pure class.


  1. My Long Island divorce lawyer would love to see this. It's a bit like an online support group for divorced women.


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