What has happened to the tops of the heads of people featured in Legalweek?

It's the most pressing legal issue of our times: where did the tops of the heads of people featured in Legalweek go to? You can find plenty of examples of this strange phenomenon on their website. Particularly good ones are here, here and here. What is going on?

I did mention this important matter on Twitter recently. I received a response from @benwheway, News Editor of Legalweek, who claimed that: "It's either the top of the head or the chin that has to go - It's a tough call but someone's got to make it..."

Personally, I don't believe a word of it. I think that Legalweek is scalping these people to make toupees. Expect them to branch out into the wig and toupee business at any time...

[Image: Bencherlite]


  1. @benwheway, News Editor of Legalweek26 October 2011 at 12:36

    This makes me question my very being. It also made me laugh. Thankyou.

    I can't decide whether I'm honoured that you wrote a blog about this or whether I need to enrol on a photo-editing training course.

    Professional feedback always welcome.

  2. :-) I think you should feel honoured and enrol on a photo-editing training course.


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