Down Memory Lane: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

No, nothing to do with that hideous Neil Sedaka song, but a booklet published by The Law Society, intended for handing to clients involved in divorce or separation. I found the above copy with some old papers.

The first edition of the booklet was published in 1988, and the second edition (above) in 1992. I don't know if any further editions were published, but I don't recall seeing any and can find no trace on The Law Society's website.

The booklet gave basic advice on a number of topics including divorce, arrangements for children, property and maintenance, and cohabitation. It also had a glossary of legal terms. Written in plain English, it was particularly useful in helping to make sure that the client was aware of things that weren't covered in the initial interview.

The booklet always seemed a good idea to me, and I remember I created my own notes to give to clients when it was no longer available. Perhaps with the impending abolition of legal aid for divorce The Law Society could consider a new edition?