Friday, November 04, 2011

In Practice: A light week

Not an awful lot of practice news about this week. Here is what I found:

Hope springs eternal, I suppose, but some just don't know when to give up. The Gazette reported on Monday that:
"The Solicitor Sole Practitioners Group (SPG) will this week stage a last-ditch attempt to block legislation allowing the creation of alternative business structures. The group, which represents 4,500 solicitors across England and Wales, claims it is still possible to prevent so-called ‘Tesco law’ from coming into force."
As the first commenter upon the report says: "You have to admire them....or perhaps pity them. Or maybe just laugh at them. Actually, I think the second and third options are what I'm going with." Quite.

Meanwhile, others have long since seen ABSs as a fait accompli, and are busily planning for a future with them. As Solicitors Journal reports: "Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) has announced that it will be applying for an ABS licence to offer fixed-price family law services and recruiting "large numbers of solicitors". " Perhaps those sole practitioners currently doing family work should be asking CLS for job application forms...

Lastly, you can tell it has been a light week for practice news when the Law Society has a news item referring to a research paper that was apparently published in September. The paper looks at comparison websites for legal services. Don't expect a definite finding as to the value of such sites though - the conclusion tells us that: "...this report raises many questions and does not pretend to know all the answers". I know how the writers feel...

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