More on Jones v Kernott...

More on Jones v Kernott (you're not getting bored with this yet, are you?), this time James Carroll, co-chair of the Law Society Family Law Committee, discusses the judgment with Jon Snow on Channel 4 News:


  1. Thanks for posting that John. It is a subject close to my own heart, as I don't do marriage (after the 1st time, when I was very young). It did clear the matter up of the law on this.

    It's like tax lawyers, they charge a lot so you can avoid tax. I heard years ago that access to the internet improves your take home and quality of life potential. Such posts certainly do, thanks. Perhaps Channel 4 news isn't just reading out The Guardian while wearing a nice tie afterall and they are more objective than left wing biased as I did think. I may have to try them out again if I get the time.


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