New FLBA website

As part of her grand plan to take over the internets, Lucy Reed of Pink Tape and her web-designing husband Michael Waugaman of Straybark Productions Ltd have created a shiny new website for the Family Law Bar Association.

Not having visited the old site that often, I can't say exactly what is new on the site, but we are told that it "now features news and regular updates". If so, then it could prove to be a useful resource, even for those of us who will never aspire to the lofty heights of FLBA membership. The news section (all of which thus far seems to have been written by Lucy) could be particularly useful.

I've noticed that the site can be a little slow at times - perhaps due to all the excited new visitors having a look at it - but no doubt that will be resolved. Oh, and if you think the site looks a bit like a blog, that's because it is. It was designed using Wordpress, just like Lucy's own blog, also designed by hubby.