This manly art...

I don't know whether this is a real advert or a spoof, or whether the idea is disciplinary or sexual (she does seem to be enjoying it). According to Boing Boing it is from the 1970s, but it looks earlier to me. Whatever, I now have the subject for my next book...


  1. I think she was *asking* her hubby to spank her!! :-)

  2. You are probably right, Michael.

  3. The ad is funny but, follow the link and there is a disturbing article which highlights the need for children to be protected by the state from the fanatical religious beliefs of parents.
    Are Social Services in the USA completely invisible?

  4. Yes, I purposely avoided following that link, as it would have just annoyed me.

    As Hitchens so rightly said, religion poisons everything.


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