Best Law Firm Domain Name:

Time for another special award (well, I've got to get rid of these old trophies somehow).

Melissa A. Wilson Esq.
The legal profession in this country has a lot to learn about marketing from its American cousins. Meet Melissa A. Wilson, Esquire, the attorney at Advocate Law Firm, P.A., of Lakeland, Florida. Her firm's website uses the irresistible domain name, a sentiment repeated at the top of the home page. How could you not instruct a lawyer with a domain name/slogan like that? I certainly wouldn't fancy being on the other side to her or, come to that, being a judge before whom she appeared.

Melissa's areas of work include family law. Something tells me that most of her cases settle in her client's favour. As for mediation, forget it.

You can see an example of the firm's advertising, here.


  1. I believe that that’s Venal & Grabbit’s American firm.

    I also believe that the lesser quoted Mr Grabbit is now championing a new form of alternative dispute resolution within which a couple file for divorce via the normal means and then enter a gladiatorial arena where they will both be expected to fight to the death with the winner receiving the family home, custody of the children etc.

    (Sorry to steal your joke, John. At least yours are subtle, though!)

  2. The US seem to be blessed (or is it cursed?) with a number of 'edgy' female lawyers with the first name, Melissa.

    Another corker:

    (Btw, word verification is 'nonful' - I hope you didn't skip dinner, Jon?) :-)

  3. Oh yes, who could forget the talents (legal, of course) of Ms DuBose?

    (Now you come to mention it, my dinner was somewhat less than satisfying last night.)


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