Do Your Own Divorce website

I am pleased to announce the launch of Do Your Own Divorce, a new website to complement my book by the same name. The purpose of the site is:
  • To provide updates to the book;
  • To provide readers with additional material which may be of use or interest, and useful links; and
  • To promote the book!
I hope that users find the site (and my book) helpful.


  1. good stuff, shame that wikki became such a toys'r'us type commercial venture when it had so much potential, good luck with this but what we need is open source divorce with verified experts there for the greater good

  2. i'm sure venal and grabbit will join in the good wishes... not.

  3. Great job! :-)

    Very soothing colour scheme - just the thing to help calm down a seething spouse. What would you call it... peach? melon?

  4. Thanks, Michael.

    I would call the colour scheme "the closest I could get to copying the cover of the book".



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