Fathers could be obliged to sign birth certificates

It wouldn't be the first time, but I'm not sure the Government has thought through this idea.


  1. Oh dear! In this age of looser morals (and dare I say it, more promiscuous mothers of easy virtue) I don't think this is appropriate. (You know the type - fag on the go, slouching gait, tracksuit bottoms, chunky gold jewellery, greasy hair, tramp stamp, God knows how many brats in tow, crashing into everyone with the pushchair as she's too busy texting to look up).

    This idea puts the mothers in a bit of a tricky position - they'll just have to guess who the father is and "stick 'is name down". I would have suggested flipping a coin, but that doesn't give nearly enough options for potential fathers. Maybe rolling a die? Or for the really sloppy ones, draw names out of a hat?

  2. Thanks, Michael. That pretty well sums it up!


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