In Practice: Xmas Edition

OK, I know you've got better things to do, so I'll keep this brief.

Going back to the shambolic shiny new mySRA, the online renewals process finally began on the 20th December. It is slightly confusing, however, as the renewals are in two bands, depending on the first-occurring letter in the full name of the firm or individual. Thus, Fred Bloggs will be in Band E to Z, not Band A to D, as one might expect. For all the details, see here.

Meanwhile, the Gazette reported on Tuesday that The Law Society and the SRA have agreed "new arrangements for dealing with shared support services and with Law Society oversight of the SRA". I confess that I don't know what these arrangements are, and nor do I want to know. Nevertheless, it sounded like an important story that I should bring to your attention.

Finally for this year, the SRA has issued a news release warning solicitors "to ensure they pay close attention to clients' needs from the outset to make sure they deliver a proper standard of service". Apparently, the authority "is particularly alive to the risks of the most vulnerable members of society not receiving the right service". Well-meaning or meddling? I'll leave it to you to decide...


  1. On the last item...
    The right service.. which according to the Government, means NO service...

  2. paying close attention to clients' needs? blimey - you'd have thought someone might have come up with that before. we must all be suitably grateful to the SRA.

  3. We bow to their superior err... whatever.


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