Ken has his say on LASPO

A totally unbiased (and unaltered) image of Justice Secretary Ken Clarke
Ahead of the LASPO debate in the Lords today, Ken Clarke has had his say in the Comment is free column in the Guardian.

"Without legal aid, and the dedicated lawyers who deliver it, our system of justice would quite simply collapse."
Ah, he admits legal aid lawyers are 'dedicated'!
"Even the lawyers who deliver legal aid tear their hair out over the bureaucratic way the scheme operates."
Agreed - it was bad when I did legal aid work years ago, what must it be like now?.
"It [legal aid] must be available where people's life, liberty or home is at stake, where they are at risk of serious physical harm or are victims of domestic violence, where they seek to challenge state action, and where their children may be taken into care."
Can't argue with that, can you?
"...we are putting a stop to routine availability of legal aid in cases involving family disputes, which can sometimes help string out cases for months or years, causing conflict not compromise."
Yes, sometimes.
"I fear that those who defend the status quo have fallen prey to a kind of well-intentioned legal paternalism."
A little patronising?
"The threat I want my reforms to pose is to a failing system, outdated methods and unreformed working practices, not to the needy."
Isn't he just a wonderful human being?


  1. i am urging people to pair with a peer by emailing
    after all, if we don't try to stop the assassination of legal aid we can hardly complain when it becomes reality.
    (hope you don't mind the link)

  2. I'll allow it for a good cause!

  3. thanks john - have you paired? it doesn't take that much time - just a quick email to your peer! i'm rather hoping mine will invite me for lunch in the house, given i can't get there any more by being a judge.

  4. Ah, I'm afraid I keep out of this sort of involvement - journalistic integrity and all that, don'ch ya know?

  5. the words 'journalistic' and 'integrity' intrigue me strangely.

  6. A foul slur on an honourable profession!

  7. oops! i can't apologise enough. I had thought we were talking about journalists.


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