Something for the Weekend: Giuseppe Verdi -- La Traviata - Preludio

Quite simply, one of my favourite pieces:


  1. Anyone reading your blog can't fail to be impressed by your sheer humanity and compassion. They are the most important qualities in a lawyer.
    Have a great weekend John.

  2. Thank you very much for those extremely kind words, Marilyn (although I'm not sure I deserve them!).

    Have a great weekend yourself (or at least what's left of it).


  3. Your post about personal tragedy was very decent and compassionate. Solicitors are not immune from the effects of the recession and many well known long established firms have crashed.
    These are very sadly, desperate times for some.
    I don't condone criminal activity but I do applaud your compassion and humanity.

  4. Yes, desperate times indeed.

    Thanks again Marilyn.



  5. Compassion, thy name is Stowe.


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