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LoreCast for the week to the 31st January 2012

Protecting Our Children: BBC Two 9pm tonight

A better way

Divorce apps: The lengths solicitors go to make a quick buck out of other people's misfortune

Something for the Weekend: Stoning

R v Kayani and Solliman: Any damage to welfare of children does not justify reduction in sentence for abduction

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Holocaust Memorial Day

Wedding cake made out of divorce papers

Child maintenance news

Don't believe a word...

Religion rears its ugly head

Luck of the draw...

New Chair of Cafcass appointed

LoreCast for the week to the 23rd January 2012

Something for the Weekend: Laurel and Hardy - Towed in a Hole

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Blood on the carpet

Just an idea...

The Purity Bear

Do Your Own Divorce update

Now We Are Six

News for the week to the 17th January 2012

Trust me, I'm a lawyer

Google ad placement fail

Something for the Weekend: ELECTROSHOCK

Oh, the irony!

In Practice: Competing, paying and helping

How the other half live

Hverra manna ert þú?

'Collaborative lawyers' is an oxymoron

Crash Corsage - The World's First App for Wedding Crashing

The work of Cafcass' National Business Centre

Interview with Edgar Venal

Family Lore Focus Newsletter reaches 150th Edition

Seems quite reasonable to me...

Summary of the news since 19th December

Happy 70th Birthday Stephen Hawking

Something for the Weekend: Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse

@familylaw: Three thousand followers can't be wrong...

In Practice: It's all happening...

Government to give both parents a right to contact?

Do Your Own Divorce updated

"Barman, a drop of the old "Wife Beater", please!"

Edgar Venal launches Anti-Marriage Foundation

Sir Paul climbs back on his hobby-horse

Venal & Grabbit gear up for Divorce Day...

Help the Aged