"Barman, a drop of the old "Wife Beater", please!"

Reassuringly alcoholic
The somewhat inept efforts of a lobbying company to "untarnish" the reputation of Stella Artois have rather backfired.

Portland Communications decided it would be a good idea to clean up the image of Stella by removing references to its nickname "wife beater" from Wikipedia. Unfortunately for them, the changes were spotted and reversed, and now the nickname, which was probably on the wane anyway (there are now much stronger lagers available) has been revived.


  1. Just a note that we do still refer to Stella in these terms at my local. We do indeed ask for "a pint of wife-beater please". Don't know about the rest of this article.

    Is the only evidence of wife beater I have ever heard of outside of county court (where was also fictitious). Do believe is something men did in Victorian Enland, with rule of thumb etc.


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