Blood on the carpet

Just  a quick heads-up for an article in the Gazette today regarding the increase in litigants in person. In it, District Judge Nick Crichton gives an excellent summary of the effect upon the family courts:
"We are getting more and more people coming to court in private law cases without the benefit of sensible, structured legal advice, wanting to spill blood on the court carpet. Angry with each other, they shout across the court, they refuse to listen when you try to calm them down and it is very difficult to find a solution that they will go away and work with."
And mediation isn't necessarily the answer:
"The government wants people to stay out of court but it is very difficult to get people to mediate when they are still very angry and haven’t had the benefit of decent legal advice. These cases take an inordinate amount of time, which is having a knock-on effect on public law cases getting before a judge."
You can read the article here.


  1. I have a good deal of legal knowledge but recently was in a position where I required a S8 Order. Not having the funds to support a full legal team meant I had to seek other resources, namely I had to pay for online guidance, Internet and telephone support. The man who supported me was fantastic and it enabled me to submit and apply for the Order. I was lucky in that my ex did not appear as although I can control my temper, emotions are so fraught that I loose the ability of rationale communication and find it very difficult to talk! Either way, cuts to family law funding have left people like me forced into self representation. Whilst I do not agree with court there is currently no other means to acquire


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