Edgar Venal launches Anti-Marriage Foundation

Edgar Venal has launced an Anti-Marriage Foundation, to lobby for family lawyer-friendly policies, hold seminars and commission research into increasing the income of divorce lawyers.

“Divorce, as the best structure with which to raise the income of lawyers, needs to be affirmed, strengthened and supported. Recycle your rubbish by all means, and that includes your partner,” he told The Times.

"We have to promote the dream that we are going to find the partner who is perfect in every way: emotionally, physically, intellectually - you know it makes sense.

"People want to change horses mid-stream - it’s the wonder of the modern age (and certainly something that never happened in the bad-old days). They should be encouraged find their new partner, and if that partner is as flawed as the last, then they should find another.”

"Families that stay together are the scourge of the legal profession”, he added. “It affects everyone, from the President of the Family Division downwards. We can't go back to the old anti-lawyer ways. Why, in about 1950 you weren’t allowed in the royal enclosure at Ascot if divorced. That would now exclude half of the judiciary.”

“It is a myth that lawyers don’t care. They care greatly and a marriage that doesn't break up shocks the whole foundation of the profession.”

“My message is end it — don’t mend it. Over 40 years of working in the family justice system, I have seen the huge profits to be made from these broken relationships. Those profits would be seriously eroded if marriage were encouraged. I personally think that would be a complete scandal.”