In Practice: Debarred and down

A briefer than usual In Practice this week, for reasons that will shortly become obvious.

The biggest piece of professional news this week is undoubtedly that @Geeklawyer has been struck off (alright, it may not be the biggest, but I'm a bit short of other news, as will be seen). I suspect that there may be some within the profession who have been hoping for this news for years, although whether Geeklawyer actually gives a damn, I'm not too sure. The story has already been covered in detail by Charon QC, so I won't say much more, save that whatever Geeklawyer turns his hand to in future, I hope that he will continue to amuse those of us who still have a sense of humour.

OK, at this point I was going to talk about a couple of stories that appeared in the Law Society Gazette this week, but I can't, as the Gazette's website is down AGAIN. The site has been slow and unreliable for as long as I've been using it (which is about as long as it's existed), and hardly gives the best impression of the body that represents half of the entire profession. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT LAW SOCIETY. (As I write this the Gazette has tweeted: "Apologies once more for current Gazette website issues. The site will be back up soon." Note the words "once more". As for it being back up soon, I've got other things to do, so I can't wait, sorry.)