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QualitySolicitors prepares for £15m ad campaign - Law Society Gazette, 19th January 2012


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    1. Thanks, Mark - I wasn't sure that people would remember the slogan, or that my graphic capabilities were up to conveying the idea!

  2. you see! colouring in is the future. mind you, for 30 million i imagine they will expect something seriously pukka - like a dyspeptic lion on a shield.

  3. john, you know i love you and the blog, but i seriously hate loathe and despise the new comments process and the font used for them.
    i am glad to say that word verification is still as reliably surreal as ever.

    1. Agreed. When I get time, I intend to see if I can do some CSS tweaks to improve it.

  4. SW - the comments change is a disaster (I'm facing it on my own blog as well). Like John, I'm anticipating some CSS changes to try and get around it.

  5. i blame cafcass.
    usually works.

    (and of course i am aware - and john was far to nice to bother pointing it out - that it is very easy to hate loathe and despise and rather harder to offer any practical assistance in fixing such things.)

    i am NOT going to say 'i don't know what css is' (i thought it was a tv show) because then someone will tell me.

    and i really really don't want to know.


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