Oh, the irony!

A virtual prize of £850 if you can spot the irony in this story that appeared in The Galloway Gazette:

 [With thanks to the person who sent me this, who shall remain nameless.]


  1. His company is called Express Maintenance and he's been fined for failing to make deductions from his employee's wages which were for... child maintenance?

  2. Which have been delayed when his company's name suggests swift payment.

  3. he's called cameron and he's an inefficient tosser?

  4. woohoo! i am even now scanning the 'virtual goods' catalogue to decide what to splurge my virtual winnings on...

    word verification is 'emingi'. i am going to buy myself an extra large carbon neutral emingi. i'd like to thank my agent/children/cat/god blah blah blah

    1. Congratulations, SW. I think I can honestly say that you will be the first person in the world to own an extra large carbon neutral emingi.


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