Trust me, I'm a lawyer

This morning I came across a recent US Gallup poll, in which members of the public were asked to rate various professions for their honesty and ethics. It will not have made good reading for the American Bar Association, with a full 37% of respondents rating lawyers "low" or "very low":

This is even worse than the survey commissioned by the Legal Services Consumer Panel in this country last year, which found that only 47% of people in England and Wales trust lawyers to tell the truth. For a profession that is supposed to be based upon ethics and truth, the Gallup poll is not good news, and I suspect that it is indicative of a general downward trend in the public's respect for lawyers, at least in the western world.

Still, it could be worse - we could be politicians.


  1. I note there's still scope for us to drop further in public esteem before we sink to the murky depths (according to the poll results) of car salesmen or politicians!

  2. Having had dealings with three firms of solicitors over the last year in a personal capacity, I can't say I was enthralled by the ethics of any of them. I fear that in large measure we have become a great deal less of a profession in that the first response of many solicitors to a challenge is "can I get away with this," rather than " what must I do to put this right?"


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