62.5% think divorced fathers have sufficient access rights under current law

According to this poll in The Guardian, 62.5% of the population think that divorced fathers have sufficient access rights under current law. Well, that was the result shortly after I voted. Strangely, the result has since gone completely the other way. This could not possibly be due to fathers' rights groups mobilising their minions to warp the result, could it? If it was, I didn't see that coming...

Of course, as @julie_doughty has quite rightly pointed out, the poll has two serious flaws: firstly, it only refers to divorced fathers, rather than all separated fathers, and secondly, it refers to 'access', rather than 'contact' - the Guardian really should know better than that. After all, it is more than 20 years since the Children Act...

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UPDATE: Having checked with Julie, the Guardian has now amended its headline!


  1. Thanks John. The Guardian has just rung me to check the correct terminology.

  2. It is an intentionally over simplified question designed to support their misandry views on a child's relationship with its father. I note the misandry comments about the Poll as well, I did not see that coming.

    1. 'Misandry' - that shall be my word of the day! Along with 'paranoid'.

      (Incidentally, 'misandry' is a noun, not an adjective. 'Misandrous' is the word I think you want.)

  3. Do divorced fathers have sufficient access rights under current law?

    29.5% Yes

    70.5% No
    This poll is now closed

    This is what the poll closed so way off your facts delivered here!

    1. On the contrary! This is entirely what I expected when I took the above screen-shot (and why I took it) - i.e. that the result would be skewed once fathers' rights groups found it. The interesting thing is that, as the screen-shot shows, 'Yes' was heavily favoured before that happened, i.e. by the general population.

      (And please don't say that the result was not skewed when fathers' rights groups found the poll - I was not born yesterday!)


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