Bad advice...

[Source: BuzzFeed.]
I mean, all those carbohydrates...


  1. Groan…. Having survived the week on about 1,000 calories a day, been to the gym three times and swimming five times, walked, cycled, danced and lost only 1lb I'm trying to distract myself from food. Can't even get away from it reading family blawgs - lol.

  2. Definitely better for the waistline... divorcees have got to slim down so they can get back into their 'dating clothes'! ;-)

    (Btw - does 'divorcee' only apply to women? Google has tried to suggest that the male equivalent is 'divorced man' but I think it's yanking my chain.

    And if it *does* apply only to women, I wish to add 'divorced men' to my first sentence... God forbid anyone should accuse me of being sexist.) :-)

    1. I think you were probably wise adding that to your first sentence...


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