Coalition for Bigotry

I see that The Independent today reports that Downing Street has insisted that the Government is going ahead with its proposal to give gay couples the right to marry, despite the "escalating campaign of opposition led by a former Archbishop of Canterbury and some Conservative MPs". I just hope that that 'irrational and sinister' (see below) campaign does not cause the Government to lose its nerve.

As the Independent states, some Tory right-wingers have given their backing to a new pressure group, Coalition for Marriage, which is running a petition supporting "the legal definition of marriage which is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others" and opposing "any attempt to redefine it". The petition has already been signed by such men of reason as the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey and the former Lord Chancellor (and well-known god-botherer) Lord Mackay.

The arguments of the petitioners do not hold water, as Martin Robbins has already nicely demonstrated in this piece, that appeared in The Guardian yesterday. As he says, the campaign is "irrational and sinister", and raises two questions: why are some people so unhealthily obsessed by the sexuality of their neighbours, and is the campaign against gay marriage based on anything more than homophobia?


  1. Why can't I, as a heterosexual have the right to a civil partnership? Is all becoming a bit like the monty pyton petition in life of bryan. But I think I should have the right to a civil partnership, as gays do and I don't. I am being discriminated against on the basis of my sexuality. Don't hear anyone sticking up for the white anglo-saxon males right to marry a man or a woman or do civil partnership with the same. Not as though I really care since the vows mean bugger all in law anyway.

  2. i always thought one of the good things about homosexuals was that they have more sense than to get involved with marriage. still, i suppose there will be some poor souls who want to get married so hey ho...

    a coalition for bigotry sounds fun though. do i simply apply to the archbishop of canterbury?

    1. I think you just go along to any church on a Sunday (or any mosque on a Friday, for that matter), but I'm not sure it's much fun...

  3. I think by referring to marriage as "for life" the Coalition might themselves be accused of attempting to redefine marriage. Divorce, anyone?

  4. It should be obvious to anyone (especially to men who dress in frocks) that there is absolutely nothing heterosexual about a wedding.


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