Highly implausible?

"Plainly, H is about to quit the jurisdiction. His asserted intention to travel to Africa to engage in charity work strikes me as highly implausible, and I consider that there must be some ulterior reason for his wish to leave the country." - Mr Justice Mostyn, Young v Young [2012] EWHC 138 (Fam) (03 February 2012)


  1. perhaps mostyn should study the concept of altruism... just sayin.

    i don't even know what the case is about btw but if someone says they are going to africa whether to do charity work or not, my keen legal brain would pick up on the fact that he may indeed be about to leave the jurisdiction. doesn't sound like he's a fibber, though.

  2. SW, if you read the case, it is clear why he is not being allowed to do a runner. Skip the first half of legal stuff, and skip to the end where the bones of whats really going on are plain to see.

    If 'H' continues as a LIP, he is heading for the clink, which is likely to be his outcome anyway.


    ps Why is he referred to as 'H' when it also gives his full name?

    1. 'H' is just the usual lawyer shorthand - I guess he was simply using it in that way.

  3. John

    Ha ha, now I feel silly. H for husband rather than anonymising the judgment.

    On reflection it explains why the lady trying to get money out of him is called W for wife. I should have paid more attention in class.


  4. I think the H has given up on both Money and Family Law in the UK as a concept and would like to do something more worthy instead - like A. Go to Africa and live, or B. Go to Prison instead. A very wise man indeed, we could all learn a lot from him, and W. Like what a sham marriage is - did you see what I did there? ;-) x.


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