MIAM should be compulsory, say Venal & Grabbit

I have received the following press release from Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors:

London, 7th February 2012: Leading firm of divorce lawyers Venal & Grabbit think all husbands should be advised to use MIAM™, their new method for hiding assets from greedy vindictive wives. Short for 'Move and Insulate All the Money', MIAM™ teaches wealthy husbands unbeatable methods for salting away property, in such a way that avaricious wives and interfering judges will never be able to find it.

Senior Partner Edgar Venal said: "These days many lily-livered lawyers fail in their duty to protect rich husbands from money-grabbing wives, resulting in many such men losing large parts of their hard-earned fortunes. We at Venal & Grabbit teach husbands the principles of MIAM™, to ensure they keep everything they deserve. We believe that all lawyers should advise their husband clients to use MIAM™ ...provided, of course, that they pay us an appropriate fee for doing so."



  1. Ah now, this is discrimination, because rich wives get fleeced as well. Are you not going to advise us to hide our assets?

    As my solicitor said to me " he saw you coming Portia and only wanted your money"

    The court aided and abetted him all the way in getting it too.

    Poor males.!!

    1. Don't tell anyone, but Edgar is just a teeny bit of a male chauvinist...


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