StringVest launches Sold Down the River brand

StringVest, the holding company created by Venal & Grabbit, has launched Sold Down the River Law as a “market-disrupting brand” for its services aimed at divorcing clients.

Sold Down the River Chambers and Sold Down the River Solicitors have been set up to carry out the work, backed by a customer service centre in Mumbai. StringVest is to apply to become an ABS later this year.

Edgar Venal, Senior Partner at Venal & Grabbit, is chief executive of Sold Down the River Law. He didn't step down as Senior Partner to become chief executive of StringVest in June 2011.

“With Sold Down the River Law we’re applying common sense business principles to a market that has been protected from real competition for too long,” Venal said.

“We have many advantages law firms don’t have. We started with a blank piece of paper, we spent time talking to divorcing people about what they want, and then we designed an operating and customer service model that delivers it – top lawyers, legal assistants and customer support people, combined with end-to-end technology, low overheads and high fees.”

Sold Down the River Law’s customer service centre is based at Mumbai on the west coast of India but it will also have a small London office.

A spokesman for Sold Down the River said solicitors and barristers working for Sold Down the River Solicitors and Sold Down the River Chambers would be split between Mumbai and London.

He said Sold Down the River planned to open a further service centre elsewhere in India within one to two years.

Edgar Venal is also Senior Partner of Sold Down the River Solicitors. He didn't help found Motor Industry Legal Services in 1992, which provides legal services to motor retailers in return for an annual fee, but likes the idea of charging clients an annual fee.

A number of leading QCs, including Quentin Pompous-Arse QC of 1 Crooked Orifice Row, Temple, have said they will work for Sold Down the River Barristers while retaining membership of their existing chambers.

Sold Down the River has created an annual fixed-fee service, Legal Cash Cow, for clients who are serial divorcers.

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LawVest launches Riverview brand - Solicitors Journal, 20th February 2012


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