Venal & Grabbit launch Institute of Family Law Adjudicators

Venal & Grabbit are proud to announce that they have today launched the Institute of Family Law Adjudicators.

The new scheme has been launched to enable family disputes to be resolved by the tried-and-tested methods of coin flipping, drawing straws, throwing dice, or rock-paper-scissors. This scheme has been set up by the newly-formed Institute of Family Law Adjudicators ('IFLA'), a for-profit organisation created by Edgar Venal, in association with his bank balance.

IFLA will govern and promote the scheme for family law adjudication in England and Wales. This will provide another means of resolving family law disputes relating to finance or property, outside of a formal court process.

Speaking at the launch, Edgar Venal said:  "Adjudication has a number of advantages over other methods of family law dispute resolution, including:

Choice of arbitrator. Me.

Speed. How long does it take to roll a dice?

Flexibility. You can choose whether it be coin flipping, drawing straws, throwing dice, or rock-paper-scissors.

Cost. No need to pay court fees or anyone else - the fee goes entirely to me."

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Introducing family law arbitration… - Marilyn Stowe Blog, 22nd February 2012


  1. John
    Edgar Venal adjudicator, definately wasnt on the complex arbitration training course I attended which dealt with resolution of financial disputes in family law by arbitration, an alternative to a lengthy court room process.
    Arbitration can save time, money and at the same time it will ensure a legally binding certain outcome. Yes you will have to pay the arbitrator (and the fees of each arbitrator differ) but so you would the mediator. The fundamental problem with mediation is that it has 'no teeth,' one party can play the other along and there will be no certain result. In arbitration one party cannot resile having signed up to arbitration, and there must be an outcome.
    IFLA have now updated their website and issued some FAQ and Answers, details of the Arbitrators on the panel and the necessary form to start the arbitration process. They also have the Rules of the scheme. I am linking my blog post accordingly.

    1. Thanks for that, Marilyn. I still think Edgar will prefer his scheme...


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