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Something for the Weekend: The Graduate (finale)

BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 5 – The Computer-Guru

Lawrence v Gallagher: Judicial creations should not be elevated to the status of s.25 criteria

Because nothing says "I do" quite like the sound of gunfire...


Another blow to journalism

New service: Practitioner Essentials

New report into family conflict and violence

News for the week to the 26th March 2012

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A "Break-Up Budget"?

Jesus & Mo get to the heart of the matter

New Book: A Guide to Family Arbitration, by Edgar Venal

Cause for regret

LoreCast for the week to the 19th March 2012

Bedtime reading

Happy Mother's Day!

Something for the Weekend: Les Dawson, playing the piano

BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 3 – Little Progress

Gay marriage consultation launched

Venal & Grabbit arrange family law tweetup

Adoption Action Plan published


S (a Child): Supreme Court unanimously allows mother's appeal

Father Figures: How a conservative think tank proposes to deal with 'feckless fathers'

Venal & Grabbit response to Social Justice Report

Social Justice Strategy aims to increase the number of families staying together

The arguments against gay marriage

Adoption myths busted

LoreCast for the week to the 12th March 2012

Marriage (e)quality

Something for the Weekend: Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) - Soweto

BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 2 – In Defamation

News Bites: New rules, and support for children of divorce

International Women's Day

The Family Justice Modernisation Programme: Third update of Mr Justice Ryder

Personally, I can't see anything wrong with this clothes label...

Only A Fool would take on Edgar Venal in Divorce Court...

Arbitration: No alternative to litigation?

Fisher Meredith LLP v JH & Anor: The obligation to join a third party

LoreCast for the week to the 5th March 2012

"Most husbands, nowadays, have stopped beating their wives..."

Something for the Weekend: The Monkees - "Pleasant Valley Sunday"

BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 1 – In the Family Division

A Little-Known Fact

News Brief: A warning, a concession and an increase