The arguments against gay marriage

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  1. I agree with your every word, John.

    Can't someone, somewhere, come up with just one argument - just so we can disagree with it?

    I've even read the Roman Catholic archbishops' letter on marriage (, but it reads to me (the bits I can understand amongst the batty mysticism) more like an argument in favour of gay marriage.

    If the bishops were really worried about the undermining of marriage they'd do better to look at divorce, blah blah blah....

  2. i think i can help. my argument runs:

    marriage between a man and woman is a hellish procession of getting sick of your partner, having an affair, divorcing and fighting over children and spending all of your time and money enriching the legal profession.

    the church knows those sodomising antichrists (we refuse to accept women are involved in this unnatural and bestial behaviour) will inevitably suffer damnation. they really should be spared marriage for the few short years before they burn in eternal hellfire. i mean we're not entirely heartless you know.
    love from the liberal wing of the churches of the world

    1. Well, it's the best argument I've heard...


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