News Bites: New rules, and support for children of divorce

Just a couple of quick news items:

Firstly, the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2012 have been published, amending the Family Procedure Rules 2010. I can't see anything of earth-shattering importance in the amendments (most of them seem to correct errors or omissions in the 2010 rules), but obviously all practitioners are advised to have a glance at the explanatory note, if nothing else. The new rules will come into force on the 6th April.

Secondly, Family Law has today published an article by the founders of a kidspace, the support programme for children going through divorce or separation. The title of the article is a quote from leading child and adolescent psychiatrist Sebastian Kraemer: "There is a conspiracy of silence against the painful effects of divorce". I'm not sure that there is any "conspiracy", but clearly more support for children of divorce is needed in this country, and the programme developed by a kidspace (which is intended for all children, not just those whose parents can afford it) is to be welcomed.